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    Tommy Klossek (vocals)
    Kai Pasemann (acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
    Stefan Gassner (acoustic guitar, backing vocals)


    Heavy Metal power with two acoustic guitars and vocals – nothing else !


    The Acoustic Metal band “Hellride” was founded in January 2010 in Nuernberg/Germany, by Kai, Tommy and Michael Bauer. After Michael left in  the summer of 2011, Stefan recompleted the trio.


    Kai collected experience as sologuitarist in numerous bands. He recorded 3 albums with Thrash-Metal Veterans “Paradox”, 3 CDs with the Crossover-Metallers “Declaration Of Dependence”  and with the Reggae-Band “The Toxic Avenger Band” 1 further CD. After 18 years of touring across Europe Kai decided to realize his vision of forming an Acoustic Metal Band.


    A suitable singer with metal-attitude, charisma and experience was easily found: Tommy and Kai had started making music together at the age of 14. After some gigs with their first band “Drifter” their ways parted as Tommy joined the renowned cover-band “Touch”. After a few years Tommy moved to L.A. where he completed his degree at the famous “Musicians Institute”. He sang with local rockers “Rumble Tribe”, and did not only record a CD with them but also played gigs in Los Angeles classic places like “The Whiskey” and “FM Station”.  Some years later Tommy found himself back in Germany where he started his career as professional singer with his band “MegaBite” which lasted 14 years until it was once again time for a change.


    Stefan is also a versed guitarist and certified sound engineer, who is known as founding member of Munich´s Progmetallers “Dreamscape”, where he played 12 years in length. He recorded an album with his “Melodic Metal-troupe „Dead Men Walking“ in the year of 1999.


    The threesome can be declared as pioneers of  Acoustic Metal, being the first to dare to play Heavy Metal without drums and distorted guitars . They wrap the core of Heavy Metal in an acoustic vesture, clean but yet heavy.  “Hellride” accomplishes solely with two acoustic guitars and expressive vocals to convey the heaviness of Metal and to enthusiate their audience.


    Next to newly arranged and interpreted coverversions  well-known acts such as “Black Sabbath“, „Slipknot“, „Dio“, „Metallica“, the band primarily concentrates on creating own material. Having discovered the magic of Acoustic Metal the musicians bring in all their  experience and know-how to create a new form of Heavy Metal Music. So it comes, that Kai and Stefan are not only creating art but are also learning that playing guitar acoustic metal-style means hard sports ! “Hellride” themes big issues like exploitation of man by church, sects and corrupt governments or explores the diversity of love, everything finely garned with a good portion of self-ironic humor.


    “Hellride” rocks in cozy clubs as well as at rough biker-rallys just as intensive as in big concert halls , for example as openers for “Accept”, “Ektomorf”, “Freiwild”  and “UFO”. The band has successfully played in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Finland. The year 2013 brought the Acoustic-Metallers to “Ragnarök” Festival and world-famous “Wacken Open Air”. The well acclaimed debut-album “Acousticalized” was released worldwide on 11.10.2013 via Fastball-Music (Soulfood, Bob Media).


  3. Gigs

    19:30 Uhr in Nürnberg, Der Hirsch
    mit Dr. Woo´s Rock ´n´Roll Circus
    19:30 Uhr in Ansbach, Kammerspiele
    mit Dr. Woo´s Rock´n´Roll Circus
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    Band, Booking, Merch : contact@hellride.de

    V.i.S.P.: Kai Pasemann, Klingenfeldstr. 9, 90453 Nuernberg/Germany